Big Brother's Corey Brooks & Paulie Calafiore need to stop talking now

Aug 1, 2016 at 12:42 a.m. ET
Image: CBS

It takes a while to get to know someone, even if they are reality show contestants. For most of this Big Brother season I thought Paulie Calafiore was a really nice guy. He didn’t start drama, he didn’t really talk about anyone. He just competed and walked around shirtless. That was it.

And then tonight, my entire opinion of him changed. He was laying around with Corey Brooks talking to Paul Abrahamian about sending Da’Vonne Rogers home. Their only argument was that she’s a “shit starter.”

The “shit” they’re referring to was to get angry at Frank Eudy for calling her a slut and slapping her butt completely inappropriately. She started drama because it hurt her feelings and left her feeling uncomfortable.

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Rogers was also able to play the game well enough to get Eudy out of the house. She found a way to be a smart and strategic player, and get what she wanted. That’s what Calafiore and Brooks found intimidating. The drama they didn’t want in the house was a woman who wasn’t afraid to tell them their disgusting behavior wasn’t acceptable. Someone who could also send them packing as a consequence of their terrible actions.

On the one hand, it’s flattering to see two men terrified of a woman for her outspoken opinions and her unwillingness to ignore their problematic behavior.

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On the other hand, seeing two young men in 2016 be so afraid of a strong woman that they need to evict her from the game is frustrating and disappointing.

To his credit, Abrahamian didn’t jump on their plan. He understood that Rogers didn’t actually cause any drama in the house, and that it was all Eudy. He decided to stay loyal to his friend and the woman who has been honest and trustworthy to him throughout the competition. He was an actual man.

If Brooks and Calafiore don’t want to face a gigantic storm of furious people online when they get out of the house, they should probably just stop talking immediately.

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