Daymond John & Barbara Corcoran belong on Shark Tank, not $100,000 Pyramid

Aug 1, 2016 at 12:15 a.m. ET
Image: ABC

I love Shark Tank and am looking forward to its return this fall. That being said, I don't always enjoy seeing the sharks in other contexts (although I loved Robert Herjavec on Dancing with the Stars). They're entrepreneurial geniuses, but even the greatest entrepreneurs have their limitations. Those limitations were abundantly clear tonight on $100,000 Pyramid, where Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John (but mostly Corcoran) proved that they did not amass their fortunes on the game-show circuit.

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At first, the sharks' switch from the tank to the pyramid seemed very promising. John and Corcoran are natural competitors, and the fighting spirit they consistently display on Shark Tank was also evident on $100,000 Pyramid. But while both were determined to win big money for their partners, neither seemed to be particularly good at giving or receiving clues.

Barbara Corcoran
Image: ABC

In one especially cringe-worthy round, Corcoran somehow managed to come up with the answer "boat," when the song "The Wheels on the Bus" was used as a clue. She also swore repeatedly, and while I wasn't particularly offended by the bleeped-out moments, I can see why others might take issue with her language.

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Thankfully, John wasn't quite as bad as his fellow shark, nor as inclined to use profanity. He even made it to the Winner's Circle! His guesses were by no means the fastest I've seen on the show, but then again, his partners didn't always offer great clues. There were, however, a few suspect moments with John, including the excessive amount of time it took him to come up with "cities in California," as well as his apparent confusion regarding the cast of Harry Potter. In his defense, John is probably too busy making money to pay attention to Daniel Radcliffe.

Daymond John
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I always enjoy seeing celebrities from my favorite TV shows on $100,000 Pyramid, but I far prefer when the contestants win. Given the choice between a talented contestant I don't know well and a familiar face with an obvious lack of game-show skills, I'll take the unknown party any day. Thus, while it was interesting to see two of my favorite investors from Shark Tank on $100,000 Pyramid, I hope they don't return to the game-show circuit anytime soon.

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