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It is so time for Tara Reid to leave Marriage Boot Camp

Let’s face it: this season of Marriage Boot Camp has basically been the Tara Reid show. In spite of her claims in tonight’s episode that boyfriend Dean May is trying to upstage her, Tara’s been successful in taking up most of the dramatic space every week, refusing to participate and spending a lot of time crying and being incoherent. As we’ve noted before, it’s sad but also effective if her goal is to revive her career.

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Here we are, though, two weeks away from the season finale, and there are still a bunch of unanswered questions about Tara and Dean’s relationship — like whether it’s real. This week, we did establish that he loves her and that’s he’s basically ride or die for her, but is it in a romantic way? Or are they “just” BFFs? (BFFs are great! But this show isn’t about that.) Not only is Tara continuing to not make sense or progress, at least none that we’re seeing, but it’s hard to see what’s going on with the other couples because of her behavior. I suppose something important and life-altering could happen in the next two weeks re: Tara and Dean, but that seems super unlikely at this point.

I’m more than convinced than ever now that this isn’t a ruse Tara is maintaining, and it’s not a plan she came up with with the help of her reps. She’s actually dealing with some really serious mental health stuff that probably includes addiction, and she’s definitely not going to get help in front of the cameras.

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If Dean really does love Tara, a great way to show that love to her would be to convince her, or at least try to convince her, to leave Boot Camp. Not only is she not going to get help, but she’s just embarrassing herself every single week. It makes me question his actual feelings for her that he’s letting her spiral so much. I don’t know a ton (read: anything) about how to help out a friend or significant other with addiction, but it seems to me that at some point, you’d have to decide that you’re not going to enable them anymore, and being on TV with them in this situation looks a lot like enabling. If Dean leaves the show, Tara has no reason to be there and their whole plan (or non-plan?) will fall apart, but that means Dean has to sacrifice his own time in front of the camera. Let’s hope he cares about her enough to do that.

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Should Tara Reid and Dean May just leave Marriage Boot Camp? Tell us in the comments!

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