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Calm down, Scream Queens fans: The show doesn’t have to be exactly like AHS

Idiot hookers, lend me your ears: We finally got our first taste of Season 2 of Scream Queens, and it’s pretty much everything we could hope for. A very quick but extremely fabulous promo was released today, and it prominently featured our favorite she-demons. You guessed it — the Chanels are back.

Apparently, Season 2 will be taking place three years after Season 1. Now the once-lavishly living Chanels are straight-up broke and repaying their debt to society by working in an asylum-turned-hospital that is run by Dean Munsch. We will be seeing these ladies wearing plain old scrubs sometime soon. But as the promo shows, even down on their luck, the Chanels know how to keep it gaudy. Isn’t that what we root for? Keep it campy AF, please.

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Unfortunately, reactions to Season 2 have been mixed. A lot of people are really peeved to see the Chanels back in action as the same characters from Season 1. When Scream Queens was originally announced as a series, people were under the impression that Ryan Murphy would be formatting it exactly like American Horror Story. Of course, we know American Horror Story is a legitimate anthology series that brings different characters and themes/settings to every season but uses the same set of actors.

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What people don’t understand is that Scream Queens is only sort of an anthology. The same actors and the same characters will be coming back in different settings. As much as we all love American Horror Story, is it really that bad to have a Ryan Murphy show that isn’t exactly the same formula? We can’t possibly expect him to only follows the anthology format with each new project he does. People love the Chanels as characters. There’s nothing wrong with bringing back beloved characters each season like other shows do. Even though the anthology format works to perfection for American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy should be able to flex his creative muscles a little bit and bring his characters further than the one season.

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Sure, the Chanels are not super deep and complex characters, but they’re fun and they are perfect characters to use in a variety of different settings. Personally, I think that they were pretty expected in a sorority house. It will be pretty fun to see them play their way down the hall in a dreary hospital setting. I think change is good, guys. Let’s all embrace Ryan Murphy’s genius in whatever form he chooses to delight us with it.

Are you happy that the Chanels will be back for Season 2 of Scream Queens? Let us know in the comments!

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