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New Counting On trailer confirms Jinger Duggar’s rule-breaking ways

After all the time we spent speculating about Jinger Duggar’s relationship status, the dropping of hints by her sisters and her deliberate dodging of questions about courting in Season 1 of Counting On, we now know that she’s had herself a tall drink of soccer-playing water for some time in the form of her now fiancé, Jeremy Vuolo.

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In the trailer for Season 2 of Counting On (premiering Aug. 23 at 8/7c on TLC), the two announce their courtship and then proceed to break one of the cardinal rules of Duggar courtship: They hug (physical contact is a total no-no before marriage in Duggar Land). Not just a side-hug, mind you, although there is one of those, but a full-on frontal hug, on camera, where everyone on Earth can see it.

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Jinger’s always been dubbed the more rebellious Duggar, so it’s not necessarily a surprise to see her playing a little fast and loose with rules. In the Duggar universe, of course, fudging convention means something entirely different than it does in the rest of world. Jinger can flip cars, she can court a dude who admits to having had a less-than-pristine past, and according to Jessa last season, her possibilities are “limitless.” And yet, here we are, with Jinger engaged just like her sisters, because in this life, you can really only push the boundaries so far, and in this situation, a full frontal embrace with a man you’re not married to (yet) is pretty intense.

Jinger isn’t the first Duggar to break the rules of courtship. Her sister, Jessa, and her now-husband Ben Seewald had nightly unsupervised phone calls while they were courting, and were seen holding hands during a prayer circle at the Duggars before they got engaged. There was also a full frontal hug between the two when they got engaged. In other words, the road to courtship rule breaking was paved for Jinger, so who knows what she could end up doing? Let’s be real, though. The answer is probably not that much.

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