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Paris Jackson has a great tip for all the social media trolls: Unfollow her

Paris Jackson has made a lot of changes to her life since turning 18, and one of the most noticeable changes has been to her appearance: She’s passionate about her tattoos (many of which honor her late father, Michael Jackson), and she’s not afraid to share them on social media. But this has, at times, resulted in incredibly unfair backlash for Jackson, something which she decided to address in a thought-provoking Instagram post on Thursday.

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“I would very much like to address something here,” she wrote in the caption accompanying a picture of herself and boyfriend, Michael Snoddy. “I realize that a very very large portion of the followers I have are people that highly dislike me and very much enjoy to write negative things about what i say and do. It’s alarming and a little scary how a small thing I do blows up because the negative followers try to micromanage and control what I do, and there was something I did to piss them off that they don’t agree with.”

Jackson went on to describe the double standards that affect celebrities on social media, and when they retaliate to the hate or call someone out for their inappropriate actions, they are immediately labeled as being an “ungrateful bitch with an enormous ego and attitude.” In fact, this sort of behavior has resulted in Jackson wanting to quit social media entirely.

“It’s getting crazy again, like it did a few years ago when I took a three-year break from social media,” Jackson wrote, adding, “the ridicule and slander that is on this site is no better, and usually even worse, than the awful things written in the tabloids. I find that very sad.”

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She also told followers that she blocks anyone who says “rude or hurtful” things, but she’s still made to justify her reasons for doing so. Which led Jackson to her final point: If you don’t like who she is or what she stands for (even though she tries to do everything she can with “love and humor”), then the solution is pretty simple — “Please don’t waste your time on me.”

Jackson’s post is very mature, and it’s taken strength to admit that the hate does affect her. While we applaud her for taking such a strong stance against bullying, her post also serves as a reminder of just how harmful cyberbullying can be.

Celebrity or not, Jackson is human and has feelings just like the rest of us, and life is really too short to hate on people.

So, you don’t like Paris Jackson’s attitude? The solution is really quite simple: Unfollow her.

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