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Lindsay Lohan’s pal wants you all to stop speculating about her, like now

It’s clear that Lindsay Lohan regrets making her drama with fiancé Egor Tarabasov so public, but the reports about her relationship status and the possibility of her being pregnant with Tarabasov’s baby continue to swirl.

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Which is perhaps why Lohan’s friend, Hofit Golan, decided to come to her defense and put an end to the speculation.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Golan posted a photo of herself and the actress sitting on a small boat in the water. She captioned the post with a thoughtful message about not making assumptions when you don’t have the full story. “#timetospeakout. There’s no truth to any of these speculations and stories,” she wrote. “With all due respect, What you don’t see you don’t know. It’s about time someone stands up for a very good person, friend, daughter and fiancé @lindsaylohan (Ranjeet) “Be careful with your words…Once…they are said….They can only be Forgiven… NOT FORGOTTEN” #stopspeculating.”

It’s a statement that Lohan will no doubt appreciate because the constant reports and speculation about her life must be hard to swallow. It’s also great to know that she still has friends who are willing to publicly defend her.

Except not everyone is ready to forgive Lohan for her Instagram accusations.

Golan’s post is filled with angry comments from people who think that Lohan has a lot of apologies to make and a lot of growing up to do.

“Ya can’t run from the drama you created forever Lindsay,” loonylindsayily2 commented. “You had a great guy and you screwed that up and Dasha [Pashevkina] will no doubt take you to the cleaners through court!”

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“Are you talking about Dasha forgiving the words and accusations Lindsay said about her?” l0velight0 asked, adding, “And Egor forgiving the the [sic] words and accusations Lindsay said about him? She said all those very hurtful and nasty things about them in public. She needs to do the honorable thing and apologize publicly to both of them.”

Dammitgumby was also angered by the statement Golan made, writing, “You are kidding, right? I have 3 days worth of posts by your sweet friend. Posts and comments. Dasha and Egor deserve public apologies for the terrible things said by your cracked out buddy. She has yet again shown her true colors.”

Do you think these commenters are right? While the rumors about Lindsay Lohan definitely do need to stop, was the public statement (which she made on Instagram on Tuesday) about her actions enough? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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