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3 Big Brother houseguests who should get the boot now that [SPOILER] is out

The day has finally come. Frank Eudy has left the Big Brother house with a unanimous vote. And even though every person in the house voted to have him out, he still couldn’t understand why the house turned against him. He thought that he was friends with everyone.

He was definitely reminiscent of Jozea Flores, except worse, because Eudy should know better as a vet that you’re never as safe as you think you are.

The house celebrated their victory for a little while, especially Da’Vonne Rogers who probably wanted Eudy out more than anyone. But the celebration will be short lived because now anyone could be nominated. Eudy was the common enemy in the house that they could all align to fight. Now that he’s gone, they have to turn against each other again.

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We’ll see on Sunday who the house starts turning its attention towards, but in the meantime, I have a few guesses.

Victor Arroyo

Arroyo was already evicted once, so it makes sense that he could get the axe again. He hasn’t made waves since he’s been back, however, so his fate isn’t totally sealed. He would be an easy target to aim for if the Head of Household didn’t want to cause any waves. No one would be shocked or feel betrayed if Arroyo was nominated. He’s the easiest target.

Bridgette Dunning

Dunning was Eudy’s errand girl, basically. She spent every waking moment in the house laying near him, scheming with him and doing what he told her. She did spend a significant amount of time winning competitions, so on top of reminding everyone of Eudy, she’s also a strong competitor. There’s no reason not to put her up for eviction at this point.

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Michelle Meyer

Although Meyer won the Power of Veto last week, she hasn’t really done anything in the house. To be completely honest, I didn’t even know she was a part of the show until last night’s episode. As sad as it is to say, Meyer is definitely an easy eviction because it would be very inconsequential.

Nicole Franzel

Putting Franzel up for eviction would be a huge power move for anyone. She’s the best player in the game in terms of backstabbing everyone while still looking like she’s innocent. As the finish line starts to get closer, my money is on Franzel to become the next house villain. She’s got the experience to manipulate the votes, and so far she hasn’t shied away from the big decisions. I’m not predicting that she’ll be the next eviction, but it would be a smart choice if any of the newbies felt like making a power move.

I might say this every week, but now I really mean it — the drama is about to get really good in the Big Brother house.

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