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Bringing Up Bates teases major courtship and baby news

“Birthdays and Boyfriends” means there’s fun times happening in the Bates household and tonight’s episode of Bringing Up Bates did not disappoint.

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Unfortunately, nothing big happened beyond the birthday and the boyfriend. I was really hoping that either, one, Bobby and Tori would enter into an official courtship or, two, Alyssa would announce that she’s expecting her second child, especially since Zach and Whitney and Erin and Chad are all having/expecting their second children.

No such luck on either front, though Tori and Bobby are definitely serious. Kelly Jo said she thought the only reason they weren’t married at this point was because they both wanted to finish school. She also said that she thought Tori and Bobby had found their match in one another.

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As for Alyssa and her maybe-growing family, she made it clear that she has no intention of popping out 19 babies like her mom. Rather, she said she wants six kids, maybe eight, max, which is still a lot of kids by my standard. It means, to me, that even though she may not be pregnant right this second, it isn’t going to be long before Alyssa and John are announcing another grandkid is on the way for Kelly Jo and Gil.

I personally think Michaela and Brandon will probably have a baby before Alyssa announces she’s expecting baby No. 2. Michaela has made comments that she could be ready to start a family in the near future, and Alyssa even said during tonight’s episode that if anyone in the family is going to have 19 kids, it’ll be Michaela or Tori. And since Michaela is the only one out of that duo that’s married as of now, she better get on it if she plans on having 19 kids.

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Which Bates family member do you think will be the next to have some big family news?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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