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Everyone needs to leave Diane Kruger and her bikini body alone

Last week, news broke that actors Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson called it quits after many years together, and countless rumors that they’d already broken up, most of which of which orbited around Kruger’s alleged relationship with The Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus. Yesterday, still days out from her break up with Jackson, Kruger posted a photo of herself on Instagram, bikini-clad, in some sort of tropical paradise situation (as you do), and her Instagram followers proceeded to go bananas.

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Welcome to Instagram, where anything anyone posts is immediately met with critique, even if it’s a picture of someone looking at mountains. Here is Kruger, enjoying some delightful weather, getting skewered by comments such as “This photo is clearly a cry for help,” “Skin and bones, not pleasant,” and “Are you sick?” (There are more, but you get the idea.) 

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Everyone, please get it together. In the first place, concern-trolling is always a bad look. How about we let women have whatever body they have and leave them alone? Let’s also acknowledge the fact that Kruger is an actress and a model, whose body is constantly scrutinized and Photoshopped, and whether or not she gets work literally depends on how she looks on a given day. So, maybe she doesn’t need criticism from an army of total strangers about her body. It’s well-documented that no matter what kind of body a woman has, she’s going to get yelled at for it by someone, and there will inevitably be comments and speculation about her health. And by “health,” people are usually referring to physical health, since body-shaming yourself isn’t something that’s usually taken into account when Instagram followers are piling on the criticisms.

One bright spot amongst the ugly comments on this particular picture: The person who pointed out that Kruger “gets to feel beautiful because she is.” What a novel idea, universe.

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