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It’s Tara Reid’s turn to call out Dean May on Marriage Boot Camp

It’s not exactly clear what’s happening between Tara Reid and Dean May on this season of Marriage Boot Camp. In addition to fans being convinced that Reid and May aren’t actually romantically involved, the couple, particularly Reid, has been actively avoiding the drills, picking fights with the other couples, and babbling incoherently. In spite of what seems like their mutual united front against everything that’s going on in camp, the couple’s relationship is definitely breaking down. On last week’s Marriage Boot Camp, after May yelled at Reid and called her “crazy,” hosts Jim and Elizabeth Carroll literally put him in time out. In a sneak preview of Friday’s new episode, it looks like Reid’s ready to lash out against May for “trying to cause tension and look cool.”

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Reid confessed that she’s worried May is plotting against her in a scene with fellow Boot Camp star Toya Wright. “I never realized we were competing for this,” she told Wright. “I would never have done this.” There has been much speculation that Reid and May are just pretending to be a couple in order to reap the benefits of being on a reality show, but so far, there’s been no confirmation that this is the case.

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Reid went on to say that she doesn’t trust May, and in a later scene, can be heard telling someone “I don’t want to do this any more.” What’s going on? No one really knows, but Reid’s pushing back against May for calling her a “train wreck” last week could mean we could see her being more present in Boot Camp activities, and that she might be ready to deal with her own issues, separate from those with May, who seems super checked out and frustrated with her. It’s not 100 percent impossible that he’s decided to play Reid’s instability so it benefits him and gets the most camera time he possibly can. One thing remains certain— watching Reid has been super confusing and painful at times, and it would be great to see her get help in some form before the end of the season.

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Do you think Dean May has some big plan in the works? Tell us in the comments!

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