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If Lindsay Lohan really were pregnant, would she really be smoking on a yacht?

Is Lindsay Lohan actually pregnant?

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Rumors have been flying for weeks now after Lohan tweeted a photo of herself wearing a fake baby belly during the filming of her 2009 movie Labor Pains alongside the caption “I’m pregnant!”

But Lohan has since deleted that tweet, and sources close to the actress have been telling the media that she’s definitely not expecting.

Meanwhile, her father, Michael Lohan, seems to have confirmed that there is a bun in Lohan’s oven — he told People magazine earlier this week that he had heard it straight from Lohan herself.

“She texted me and said [she was pregnant],” he said. “I’m going to believe what she says.”

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So is she or isn’t she? There’s more evidence now pointing to not yet. On Wednesday, Lohan was spotted hanging out on a yacht with some friends and smoking multiple cigarettes throughout the day, as well as carrying a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

While this isn’t proof that’s as definite as a statement from Lohan herself, we can only hope that her smoking is a sign that she’s not actually pregnant. Smoking can be extremely detrimental to the development of a fetus. That said, Lohan has been talking about her desire to start a family with her fiancé, Egor Tarabasov.

The pregnancy rumors also come on the tail of a nasty public fight between Lohan and Tarabasov — a video posted online showed Lohan shouting at Tarabasov and accusing him of physical abuse.

“She is still upset about what transpired between her and Egor,” a source close to Lohan said about her yacht trip. “She is taking a few days off to spend time with friends and let things cool off between the two of them.”

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Do you think Lindsay Lohan is pregnant?

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