Bradley Cooper literally just sat there at the DNC and it still upset people

Jul 28, 2016 at 11:53 a.m. ET

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend, Irina Shayk, seem to be making waves every time they leave the house lately.

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First, it was their hilariously awkward fight in the stands at Wimbledon, which they both denied was a fight, but come on, guys — everyone with eyes could see the truth there.


Now, they're making headlines because they attended the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night, upsetting many conservative fans of Cooper's portrayal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in his 2014 film, American Sniper.

TV cameras caught Cooper and Shayk in the audience of the meeting, which is being held in Philadelphia, Cooper's hometown. Wednesday's speakers included Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic nominee for Vice President Tim Kaine and President Barack Obama.

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Some conservative fans of American Sniper, in which Cooper played a war hero, took to Twitter after seeing the actor in the audience, promising to boycott his future films because of his affiliation with the Democratic Party.


"I have a list of celebrities that support Socialism I refuse to spend another $ on. Add this one. Boycott them all," Twitter user Nat Shupe wrote Wednesday night, alongside a screenshot of Cooper and Shayk in the audience at the convention.

Others just used the outrage as an opportunity to poke fun at the conservatives who took issue with Cooper's appearance.


Other users, on a much more lighthearted note, decided to poke fun at Russian model Shayk, who was looking decidedly bored during the convention.


"Irina Shayk looks like she's having the worst time at the DNC," one reporter noted when she tweeted a photo of Shayk looking pretty miserable. Obviously, politics isn't for everyone.

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