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Rob Kardashian’s relationship drama has an awful effect on his health

There’s a lot of confusion as to the status of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s relationship at the moment, and things are apparently not looking so good for Rob.

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While some reports suggest that the couple has split, others claim they only had a fallout and things will be fine once some time has passed. However, the relationship drama is reportedly taking its toll on Kardashian, as a source told Hollywood Life that he’s once again slipping into depression.

“Rob has tucked back down the rabbit hole and has fallen back into depression again,” the source told the publication. “It has been the result of a lot of stress from his relationship, impending fatherhood and shooting his new show. He saw the light for a little while but now he has gone back into where he has been in the past and this time Blac [Chyna] may not be able to save him. All the progress he has made last year has evaporated. He is beginning to eat unhealthy again and he is in a depressed state again.”

If this report is true, it’s really heartbreaking. For a long time, Kardashian chose to stay out of the limelight and there was grave concern for his health as he continued to pack on the pounds, but his relationship with Chyna helped bring him out of his shell once again and encouraged him to get healthy. So, could all the massive changes in Kardashian’s life be too much too soon for him? We hope not.

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We’re really rooting for Kardashian, and we hope that he’s able to get the help and support he needs to fight through this depression.

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