Frank Eudy is a terrible Big Brother competitor

The time has come to get Frank Eudy out of the Big Brother house. And the eviction couldn’t come soon enough. The longer I watch him work inside the house and during competitions, the longer I realize he’s such a terrible player and doesn’t deserve to be in the house still.

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During tonight’s episode, Eudy was part of the Power of Veto competition, where he lost, yet again. Although, I will admit that he was good at the Roadkill competitions, when the competition really matters, Eudy continues to lose to the women in the house.

The women are awesome. It’s not a shock that he loses to women, it’s a shock that he’s always losing and still boasts as if he is one of the best competitors in the house. There is no evidence to support that claim.

On top of that, no one likes him in the house. And none of the power players in the house believe him or the deals he promises to make. During tonight’s episode I really was struggling to find a single reason why he thinks he was such a dominant competitor.

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And even if he doesn’t get evicted tomorrow night, Paulie Calafiore delivered an amazing moment in the episode that made it possible for me to wait another week if I have to. Calafiore called Eudy out in front of every house member to basically say, “Stop fooling yourself. No one is going to vote for you.”

Calafiore said that he was planning to take Eudy aside and tell him in private so that he wasn’t embarrassed in front of everyone, because he’s actually a good guy. But for the rest of us petty folks, watching him cut Eudy down to size was pretty amazing.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not Eudy gets unanimous votes. Some people seem to not like Bridgette Dunning either. But she isn’t seen as a big enough power player in the house to be a threat. Even though she’s won many more competitions than Eudy has.

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Clearly, it’s very frustrating being on this end of the competition because everything looks so obvious. If only they would call me, I could explain everything to them!

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