Can RHONY please move on from this non-existent love square?

At this point in Real Housewives of New York, we should have a few storylines that are so off the wall that we can’t help but tune in every Wednesday. Usually, the New York ladies have more than enough drama to spare in a single season, but this season things have been terribly slow.

So slow, that the only thing the women have been talking about, for what seems like forever, is the fact that both Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer hooked up with LuAnn de Lesseps’ fiancé at some point before they were engaged.

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Morgan has admitted to being friends with benefits with de Lesseps’ fiancé for about ten years. Singer keeps saying they went on dates, but hasn’t given a clear answer as to how many. And de Lesseps maintains that she doesn’t care what happened in her fiancé’s life “BL” or “before Lu.”

That would be fine and dandy, except that it’s the only thing they can talk about. No matter where they are – dinner, afternoon tea, and now a yacht in south Florida – they can’t help but talk about who’s hooked up with whom.

And it’s making the entire show unbearably dull for me. One, because it’s not shocking news that a man in his 50s has slept with multiple women. And two, because Singer, Morgan and de Lesseps are all proven liars. I can’t even get invested in the storyline because I don’t believe any of them.

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The one promising moment in tonight’s episode is that Bethenny Frankel promised to have a juicy story that could potentially force de Lesseps to call off the wedding. I don’t know if I believe that de Lesseps would walk away from any man, but at least it means there will be something new to talk about.

That’s why I love Frankel. It’s never too long before she comes in to shake things up and keep everyone honest. We’ll have to wait until next week to see if she can shake things up.

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