America’s Got Talent‘s semifinals has one problem: too many singers

The best thing about America’s Got Talent is the variety it attracts. From escape artists to Rubik’s magicians, there’s something for everyone on this amazing talent show. Unfortunately, in spite of all the unique talent featured on the show, viewers still have a few favorites that they vote for time and time again, and many favor singers above all other acts.

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Several singers took to the stage during the first live round of Season 11, and while some sounded better than others, all deserved to make it as far as they did. But do all or even most of this season’s singers deserve to move on to the semifinals? I don’t think so. America evidently doesn’t agree, however, as several musical acts were voted into the next round of the competition.

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My big problem with singers is not that they’re boring or bad at their craft, or even that they’re repetitive (although, based on how many singers performed in quick succession this week, one could make that argument). I just think they’re over-represented on a show that’s supposed to be all about versatility. Singers have numerous platforms on which to put their talents on display — even with American Idol out of the picture. For some acts, however, America’s Got Talent is essentially the only opportunity to gain national exposure via reality television. Is it fair, then, that some of the most intriguing acts I’ve ever seen are shoved aside in favor of a series of singers who could just as easily make it big on The Voice or The X Factor?

America's Got Talent
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For the most part, I’m happy with the quality and variety of talent in the semifinals. I’m especially pleased that Steven Brundage was voted in as a wild-card performer. I’m even happy on behalf of the musical acts that made it through. However, as much as I love Jayna Brown, Laura Bretan and Musicality, I can’t help but wish at least one of the three musical acts would have been replaced by something more exciting. If I want to see singers on NBC, I’ll tune in for The Voice.

What do you think of all the singers in the semifinals for America’s Got Talent? Does the show need more variety? Comment and share your opinion below.


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