There’s no way Suits‘ Mike is going to screw over Kevin to get out of jail

It’s official: Mike is not having an easy time on Suits. Just when he finally makes what appears to be a trustworthy friend in prison, the rug gets ripped out from under him.

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Remember Mike’s cellmate, Kevin? He proved himself loyal by saving Mike from being shanked by Frank Gallo, and the two also have each other’s backs during their time behind bars. I mean, Mike even got Kevin a job in the kitchen so they are never alone and can be on high alert when it comes to Frank and whoever is working with him.

I’m still not sure if Kevin can really be trusted. This wouldn’t be the first time a character on Suits played Mike. Also, Mike is way too trustworthy in prison and it always bites him in the ass, but maybe I’m just being paranoid.

Now, as much I’m waiting for Kevin to screw over Mike, Kevin might actually get screwed by Mike first. It appears Sean Cahill came through for Harvey in rescuing Mike. However, rather than moving Frank to a different prison (that can’t happen, because Frank is a government informant), Cahill got Mike a get-out-of-jail-free card. That’s right, Mike can get out prison, but it comes with some major strings.

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Mike can be a free man if he becomes an informant and snitches on Kevin, his new bestie. Seriously? Why can’t things just be easy for Mike? Apparently, Mike needs to get certain information from Kevin about a case relating to Kevin. If he does, then Mike will walk out of prison before serving his full two years.

This definitely is a conflicting situation, especially for Mike. On one hand, he can get out of prison, but on the other hand, he’ll have to betray Kevin. It’s hard to believe that Mike will turn on Kevin, because that’s not his character. Heck, he went to prison to save Harvey, everyone else and the firm. Will he really go behind Kevin’s back? Obviously, he’s only known Kevin for a short amount of time, but Mike is a good guy, so who knows. Plus, Kevin is really likable, so it’s going to be hard to watch Mike inform on him, if he chooses to.

Mike will probably also face a lot of pressure from Harvey and Rachel to go through with it, because they want him out. Basically, it won’t be a simple situation for Mike at all. Overall, let’s just hope Harvey can find a better way to rescue his BFF from prison.

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