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If the rumors are true, the Boy Meets World reunion could be a bad thing

Girl Meets World is about to stage their biggest Boy Meets World reunion yet. The Disney Channel show just finished filming their Season 3 finale, and it is full of returning cast members from the original sitcom. For the first time in the series, it looks like Morgan Matthews will make a comeback, along with all of the original Matthews family and others. Sounds like fun, right? Well, don’t get too excited, because this epic BMW reunion could mean the end of Girl Meets World.

Before we get into the fate of Girl Meets World, let’s talk about the big reunion. Morgan Matthews’ return hasn’t officially been confirmed for the Girl Meets World season finale, but the actresses who played her are. Lily Nicksay, who played little Morgan for the first two seasons of Boy Meets World, and Lindsay Ridgeway, who took on the role for the rest of the series, are set to appear in the finale, and I’m going to assume that at least one of them will be playing Morgan. Also in the mix for GMW’s big season finale are BMW originals Shawn (Rider Strong), Eric (Will Friedle), Mr. Feeny (William Daniels), Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn), Alan (William Russ), Amy (Betsy Randle), Minkus (Lee Norris) and Harley (Danny McNulty). Basically, the Season 3 finale of Girl Meets World will be a Matthews family reunion and a Boy Meets World celebration. It might also be the Girl Meets World series finale.

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The Twitter account of the Girl Meets World writers — @GMWWriters — teased all the big BMW cameos on Twitter, saying that they all return to “help us make a decision.” Interestingly enough, their previous tweet featured a photo of the actor who, as a baby, played Josh Matthews in a few final episodes of Boy Meets World, on the GMW set. Maybe the first Joshua Matthews has a cameo in the finale as well.

If the original Josh Matthews does, indeed, make an appearance, that cannot be a good sign for Girl Meets World, which has yet to be renewed for a fourth season. Nothing says series finale like a giant family reunion, and, by the looks of it, Girl Meets World is about to host one of the most exciting family reunions in television history (at least, as far as ‘90s kids are concerned). But, will the Season 3 finale be the series finale of Girl Meets World?

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After wrapping the episode, GMW star Rowan Blanchard tweeted a message to fans, saying that the fate of the show is still very much in flux. “I know as much as you guys do. Filming tonight’s episode was very emotional for all of us, so thank you to all of you who came and stuck with us,” Blanchard wrote. “The family that we have created on our set is something I will truly never forget.”

Blanchard’s tweet sounds pretty ominous, but there is a kind of sweetness to the fact that the cast seemed to savor the finale, just in case. Also, the fact that Blanchard tweeted about it at all suggests that she would be sad to see the show end, which means that the Girl Meets World cast is likely eager to film another season. Still, things don’t look great. August Maturo, who plays Topanga and Cory’s young son, Auggie on the show, posted a series of photos of himself with the rest of the young cast on Twitter with the caption “Forever a family.” 

Furthermore, Geralyn Ricciardella, a member of the production staff on GMW, tweeted a photo from the taping of the finale with the caption “‘Girl Meets Goodbye,’” which could also be the title of the finale. “Girl Meets Goodbye” is definitely a good title for a finale. Following these tweets, Will Friedle, who played Eric Matthews in the original show, tweeted out some words of wisdom as Eric’s alter ego, Mr. Squirrels, writing, “Never miss the opportunity to tell your friends how much they mean to you. Regret can be forever.” All signs appear to be pointing to an end for Girl Meets World.

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Just because the cast and crew of GMW appear to be tweeting their farewells to the show doesn’t mean that there’s no hope. Girl Meets World has a huge following, and the nostalgia factor makes it a rare Disney Channel show with cross-generation appeal. It also brings the show a decent amount of press — and, as we’ve seen before, good press can sometimes make up for lackluster ratings (see Gossip Girl, Parks and Recreation, Community). Girl Meets World is also a hit with critics, and the show was just nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Program. GMW is also nominated for three Teen Choice Awards — Choice Summer TV Show, Choice Summer TV Actor for Peyton Meyer and Choice Summer TV Actress for Rowan Blanchard.

The bottom line is, until Disney officially cancels Girl Meets World, there’s still hope for a Season 4, and there’s no reason to think we’ve seen the last of the Boy Meets World crew.

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