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Yep, Bobby Flay and Heléne Yorke are still together — and so darn cute

Update, Feb. 15, 2017, 11 a.m. PT: I’m so glad this article directed me to Bobby Flay’s Instagram, because it is fire. If you like food (read: If you’re a human), you want to be following Flay.

BRB, gotta go eat everything in the kitchen now, except none of it will be as good as what’s in Flay’s pics :'(

Anyway, it’s a good thing he and his girlfriend, Heléne Yorke, are so low-key about their relationship, because nobody wants their food porn interrupted by sappy couple pics. But they are definitely still going strong — this week, they celebrated Valentine’s Day and their one-year anniversary, and documented both on their social media.

Now that that’s out of the way, back to the food, please.

Bobby Flay and Heléne Yorke are proving that you don’t need to be in front of the world with constant PDA to build a happy, successful relationship. The two have been pretty silent about their relationship since being spotted together earlier this year, but judging by Flay’s Instagram, things are going great.

Flay posted a photo featuring himself and Yorke hanging out in the kitchen at home. The couple is dressed down, lounging and hanging out with Flay’s cat — all the things a normal couple would do on a weeknight.

Flay was proud to include Yorke in his photo, but didn’t get too mushy in his caption. But he’s not that type. He simply wrote, “When you realize your cat,@nachoflay is actually a small tiger. #ilovehimsomuch @heleneyorke”

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Celebrity couples who shower each other with loving or flirtatious comments on social media are adorable. Aaron Paul and his wife are a perfect example of how the relationship goals hashtag came to life.

But there is something endearing about the way Flay and Yorke keep the lovey-dovey part of their relationship private while still acknowledging on social media that they’re proud to be together.

They’re really their own version of #relationshipgoals, mostly because they constantly seem to be having fun and are unaware that anyone thinks they might be breaking up.

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From the moment they met at a Knicks game until now, the two have been focused on having fun together and keeping things light. And winning the Belmont Stakes that one time.

I told you, goals.

When the two got together back in March of this year, Flay was coming out of a very messy divorce. It was probably a requirement of his that he and Yorke keep the relationship free of rumors or any drama. Apparently, she wanted the same thing too because they’re still going strong today.

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