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Homeland is taking a big note from Hillary Clinton for Season 6

Homeland fans, get ready because big changes are coming when Season 6 comes back in early 2017.

The series is joining the movement and bringing us a female president of the United States when it picks back up. The season will be starting before president-elect Elizabeth Keane is inaugurated into office, but the fact that we will have a woman president taking the office on such a hugely popular television series in 2017 seems like art may be imitating life, no?

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The actress who will be taking over the Oval Office is Elizabeth Marvel, who had an unsuccessful campaign for president on House of Cards. According to TVLine, Season 6 will be taking place in New York City and it will start in the interim between Election Day and the inauguration of President Elizabeth Keane.

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Image: Kent Smith/SHOWTIME

It’s uncommon to see a female president on TV, but Homeland is definitely not the first show to have a woman POTUS.

The first time we saw a female president on television was actually way back in 1985 on a short-lived sitcom called Hail to the Chief. Patty Duke played President Julia Mansfield, who was basically just trying to juggle life as president of the United States and life as a wife and mother.

There have been other female presidents portrayed on television, but the bummer is that most of them (Commander in Chief, Veep, Prison Break) are first portrayed as being the vice president and only getting the big job when something happens to the male president (usually death or scandal). It’s very rare for them to hold the office outright by being straight-up elected. Of course, there’s always Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. We didn’t get a super-solid answer in the series finale, but it was hinted at very strongly that either she or her husband Ben ended up being president. I’m thinking it was Leslie because Pawnee goddesses get things done.

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Homeland is truly taking a page out of the Hillary Clinton playbook here and I kind of love it. It’s truly a great thing that it’s becoming less and less of a rarity to see portrayals of female presidents in movies and on television these days. Sometimes it can be hard to see that big changes are occurring in our society, but this simple step in the right direction can give us all hope that we are evolving as a culture.

Are you excited to see a female president take over on Homeland? Let us know in the comments!

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