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You guys, Lorelai isn’t wearing a wedding ring in the Gilmore Girls trailer

It’s a great day for Gilmore Girls fans. On Wednesday, Netflix finally unveiled the trailer for the revival and also announced a release date, which is Nov. 25.

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The trailer is a beautiful thing, especially since we get our first glimpse at Lorelai and Rory after all these years. FYI, they are exactly the same, are still embracing Christmas and still having meaningful conversations about pop culture. You know what else hasn’t changed? The town of Stars Hollow. The beginning of the trailer showcases memorable parts of the town (and during different seasons), including the gazebo, Luke’s diner and Doose’s. Anyone else just get the chills?? If not, when you watch the trailer, you surely will.

Since we have to wait a bit longer until the new episodes are available for viewing, it’s time to analyze the trailer. There are some things that definitely stand out that are either major spoilers for the revival or maybe we’re just grasping at straws here. Now, let’s get to it.

1. Is that Taylor outside of Doose’s Market?

Taylor Doose
Image: Netflix

That sure looks like Taylor himself outside of his store, doesn’t it? If not, then maybe Stars Hollow now has a Taylor doppelgänger wandering around.

2. Rory’s room appears to be the same

Lorelai and Rory
Image: Netflix

Do you notice how Rory’s room still has a Yale pennant in it? Does this mean her room hasn’t changed? Does this mean she still lives at home? Does this mean Lorelai keeps Rory’s room ready for her when she comes to visit? Really, there are many explanations.

3. The beloved mother and daughter haven’t changed — at all

Lorelai and Rory
Image: Netflix

Just look at all that coffee and all those Pop-Tarts on the kitchen table. Clearly, Lorelai and Rory’s food and beverage preferences haven’t changed one bit.

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4. Lorelai doesn’t have an engagement and/or wedding ring

Rory and Lorelai
Image: Netflix

Are you serious? Lorelai doesn’t have a ring on that finger. It’s known that the Gilmore Girls revival will feature a wedding and that Luke and Lorelai won’t be married right away, but seriously? Not even an engagement ring? That bare finger better change by season’s end.

5. Lorelai could very well be pregnant

Rory and Lorelai
Image: Netflix

Either Lorelai just really likes that shirt or she’s trying to tell us something. As you can see, it reads, “I’m with human.” That could easily mean Lorelai is pregnant. Can you imagine? Let’s also take note of how that newspaper is strategically placed. Hmm… another Gilmore (or Danes?) may be on his/her way.

6. Is that Paul Anka barking?

Lorelai and Paul Anka
Image: The WB

If you scroll to the 45-second mark, a dog is heard barking. It’s no secret that Paul Anka is returning, but is the dog barking in the trailer the Paul Anka? If so, why does he sound like he’s outside in the cold during winter? Lorelai, how dare you.

7. Who is that in the gazebo?

Gilmore Girls gazebo
Image: Netflix

Is this girl/woman walking down the gazebo steps important? She kind of looks like both Rory and Lane. Either it’s one or the other, or our eyes are playing tricks on us.

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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres with all four 90-minute episodes Friday, Nov. 25 at 12:01 a.m. PT.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Gilmore Girls celeb appearances slideshow
Image: The CW

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