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Steven Avery probably shouldn’t attack the people trying to help him

What in the heck? Of all the people Steven Avery can blame for his rough knocks, his Making a Murderer lawyers, Dean Strang and Jerome Buting, don’t seem like they should be at the top of his list to point fingers at. But according to a letter penned by Avery himself, that’s exactly what is happening.

In correspondence to InTouch magazine, Avery is now claiming that his current incarceration for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach is due to negligence on Strang and Buting’s part, and he carefully outlines all the reasons that everything is their fault.

“Dean and Jerry didn’t do no investigation on this case, if they did I should not be in prison, they would have the suspect if they did there job!!,” Avery wrote. “Lawyers should be responsible for they wrong doing… Dean and Jerry didn’t do nothing when the state investigators threaten some of my people to say what they wont to say.”

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Avery also states that he feels Buting and Strang shouldn’t be able to practice law anymore because of the way they handled his case.

“Lawyers should loose there license when they don’t investigate they case to proof there clients and they violating the ethics, the state sould take there license for good,” he professed.

According to Avery, Strang and Buting missed several opportunities to poke holes in the Manitowoc police’s claims, and that many of the officials’ stories — including evidence about Halbach’s key found in Avery’s bedroom — could have been easily proven false with simple courtroom re-enactments.

“Dean and Jerome are Bad Attorneys,” Avery writes. “They don’t now what Justice is and they don’t now what is a investigation is because if they did they would have done it for a innocent man like me!!!”

Though Avery doesn’t have the warm and fuzzies for Buting and Strang anymore, he remains confident that his new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, will free him in a new trial.

Look at these faces! How could you possibly blame them for anything?

Dean Strang Jerome Buting
Image: Netflix

In all seriousness, though, if we were Avery, we’d probably be looking to blame some people for his second imprisonment as well, regardless of whether or not he is innocent. It just seems he should be more angry with the Manitowoc County officials who were out to get him, instead of the guys who devoted a good chunk of their lives trying to prove his innocence. Because even if they weren’t successful, it’s obvious Buting and Strang gave it a good go.

What do you think of Avery’s new claims about Buting and Strang?

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