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Johnny Depp isn’t letting Amber Heard’s domestic abuse accusations go so easily

Johnny Depp isn’t backing down when it comes to clearing his name of domestic abuse allegations made by his estranged wife, Amber Heard.

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Ever since Heard won a temporary restraining order against Depp in May, he’s been fighting to have his legal team grill her about her claims. This week, Depp’s team won an argument at an emergency hearing and will be able to force Heard to attend a deposition about her claims on Aug. 6.

According to Daily Mail, Depp’s lawyers argued that the restraining order could hurt him professionally, so they want to challenge Heard’s claims ASAP. Ever since Heard first alleged domestic abuse was part of the reason for their divorce, Depp has been denying it.

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The deposition will be held on a Saturday to accommodate Heard’s work schedule — she’s currently in the UK shooting Justice League and will have to fly back to LA for the proceedings.

Depp and Heard announced their split in May after 15 months of marriage. Soon after the announcement, Heard shared pictures on social media of bruises on her face that she claimed she received when Depp physically attacked her, including hitting her in the face with a phone. Since those claims, the divorce has gotten steadily more bitter — now, Heard’s legal team is alleging that Depp refuses to hand over financial records that are necessary for settling the divorce. Depp’s team, on the other hand, has accused Heard of leaking information to the media and agreed to hand over the documents if she signs a nondisclosure agreement that comes with a $100,000 fine if any more information makes it to the press.

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