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If any man acted like Aubrey O’Day on Famously Single there would be outrage

Things are heating up on Famously Single for Pauly D and Aubrey O’Day. The two have been flirting the entire season, but now O’Day is starting to press Pauly for more. She’s sleeping in his bed, pressuring him for sex and asking for labels in their relationship. And all Pauly wants is a little space.

As you might imagine, it’s pretty frustrating watching O’Day demand these things Pauly for an entire episode, particularly if you think about how people would react if the roles were reversed. If Pauly were the one forcing O’Day to move faster in either their emotional or physical relationship, people would have his head.

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The fact that O’Day is getting away with it, by both the other celebrities in the house and the therapist is infuriating.

Pauly pointed out that he joined the show in order to fix his approach to relationships. He mentioned over and over again that he’s spent his whole life jumping into bed with women and it hasn’t worked out. Now, he wants to take things slow and do things right with O’Day.

For whatever reason, she refuses to hear that. She says he’s building walls or not treating her like a queen, which is something she demands from her boyfriends. But what no one seems to want to tell her is she can’t demand that kind of respect and adoration if she doesn’t also give it to the person she’s in a relationship with.

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Instead, the therapist is telling Pauly he needs to stop joking when he talks to O’Day about his feelings, and say things more seriously.

Could you imagine if someone gave that advice to a woman? They would be fired on the spot.

By the end of the episode tonight, O’Day was able to slow down and see where Pauly was coming from, which was a total relief. But for anyone who watched the episode and thought that O’Day’s behavior at the beginning of the episode was acceptable, it definitely was not.

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