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Paris Jackson is completely and utterly livid over those intervention rumors

When Michael Jackson was creating his music legacy, he probably didn’t plan on the endless rumors that would constantly haunt him. He definitely didn’t plan for his children to endure the same unfair treatment that he did.

Luckily, he raised his daughter Paris to be a total badass who can take on the media and make sure her truth gets out there.

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Recently, Paris has been the subject of many stories stating that the Jackson family completely disagrees with her lifestyle and is planning to stage an intervention with her. No one in the Jackson family has confirmed these rumors, but they have persisted anyway.

Well, today Paris had finally had enough and was ready to fight back. She took to Twitter to say, “These pathetic attempts at slander make these media low-lives seem ignorant and trashy. Twisting a pic is one thing. Making it all up? Worse.”

The rumors about Paris’ life aren’t exactly random, though. She was checked into a rehab facility back in 2013 fearing she would have a relapse in her alcoholism. She has also attempted to take her own life in the past. Her family definitely has a reason to be concerned about her.

But there’s a huge difference between worry and staging an intervention.

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It’s great that Paris finds enough courage to fight back against the media who have misrepresented her story. No doubt it is something that she struggled to watch her father go through, and it’s not something she’s allowing to happen to herself. That kind of bravery is something that not a lot of women her age feel. Certainly not when they’ve been exposed to the rumors and misrepresentations their entire life.

That’s not to say that if she is in trouble, her family should stop trying to help her. She could very well be defensive because the rumors are hitting too close to home.

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But if she really isn’t in trouble, it’s important for everyone to leave her alone and let her live her life. Recovering from addiction can be hard for anyone, but especially those who are doing it in front of the entire world. And more than anything, it’s none of our business. If and when there is an intervention, it is the Jacksons’ business and theirs alone.

In the meantime, can we please give Paris her space?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Paris Jackson slideshow
Image: Paris Jackson/Instagram

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