Nikki Bella teases Bella Twins' fans with one short tweet

Jul 26, 2016 at 11:15 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

Nikki Bella teased her highly anticipated return to her fans with one very short tweet. Bella has been out of the wrestling ring since last year with a severe neck injury, but based on her tweet, she could be recovered and ready to make a grand re-entrance into the ring.


Bella simply tweeted, “Soon… N,” and that was enough to start a full-on fan frenzy. People immediately started tweeting videos and gifs from her time in the ring to show her just how excited they are to see her return.

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The news of Bella’s comeback has come as a shock to some, including her. The issue with her neck was thought by most to be a career-ending injury, especially when you consider the cause — her signature finisher, the “rack attack.”

During the move, Bella puts her opponent on her shoulders and slams them down to the ground. The shock to her body as she hits the floor comes not only from her own body, but from the body weight of her opponent as well.

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A return to wrestling would mean a return to using her signature move, over and over again.

And although she hasn’t confirmed anything, it would be a very smart strategy for her to modify her finisher or create a brand new one while she’s training for her return, which most expect will come some time in September.

Some fans might find it strange to watch her wrestle without the move, but if it means a longer career, it's probably worth the adjustment.

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Another huge change for Bella is that her sister, Brie Bella, also left the ring last year, but she is not planning on making any kind of return. Brie announced last year that she’s ready to focus on trying to have a baby and live her life outside of the ring. Nikki definitely has enough support from fans to fare well without her sister, but she'll have to work that much harder without her support system.

Based on fans' reactions, though, the big changes won’t matter. They’re excited to support Nikki and watch her triumphant return.