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Not to be mean, but the Demi Lovato and Perez Hilton Twitter feud is pitiful

We all have a habit of mindlessly scrolling through social media when we’re bored. It’s an easy way to kill time, and it’s usually harmless. Apparently, though, if you’re Demi Lovato, sometimes it turns into a full-blown feud with Perez Hilton.

Fans noticed some type of drama was breaking out when Hilton posted a subtweet out of nowhere. He wrote, “If you’re petty af and vocal about it, you’re inviting criticism and the public commenting on your words and actions!”

He then followed up that tweet with another one that read, “Also, if you don’t like the Tweets I like, block me boo! P.S. Maybe spend less time on Twitter too!”

It was clear for most people that Hilton was talking to a specific celebrity, but no one could figure out who. So Hilton decided to stop subtweeting and just call Lovato out by name for a direct message she sent him a few minutes before his rant.

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He said, “Fuck it. I’m almost 40. I have zero fucks to give! Just like her. For those of you curious, this is about @DDlovato!”

To prove that he wasn’t responsible for starting the drama out of the blue, Hilton then posted a tweet with screen shots from his Twitter inbox. They show Lovato telling Hilton that he needs to “let it go already” and stop liking tweets about her alleged feud with Mariah Carey. That one was supposedly sparked because Lovato called Carey “nasty,” but we have time for only one feud at a time.

Hilton defended himself by explaining that he likes almost every tweet sent his way, but Lovato didn’t care. She said, “It’s unnecessary and the type of shit that made me unfollow you.”

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It was at that point that Hilton started his Twitter rant and the rest of us got to roll our eyes and start laughing hysterically.

Here’s the thing. Hilton is 40 years old. Lovato is 23. There is no world in which these two should be fighting over likes and notifications on social media. I have nieces in high school who have outgrown that drama.

Lovato definitely didn’t need to get sassy with Hilton, but he could also have risen above the drama and let it go. His private retort to Lovato, where he said he wasn’t going to change his Twitter behavior to make her happy, was perfect. He could have left it at that, and everyone would have been just fine.

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But alas, he had to start a Twitter beef with someone half his age.

I guess it’s not such a bad thing, though. I should probably be thanking him for the cheap afternoon entertainment.

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