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I love me some Bachelorette drama, and the Chad vs. Robby feud is the best

Thank God something is saving this snoozefest of a season of The Bachelorette.

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JoJo Fletcher might be mind-numbingly boring to watch, but the drama is still being delivered, albeit off-screen by the reality TV gift that keeps on giving, Chad Johnson.

Johnson was by far the most memorable part of this entire season of the show, even though he lasted, what, five weeks? He outshines even NFL pro Aaron Rodgers’ way less famous younger brother who, despite being a total player, is the clear favorite to win Fletcher’s heart. Cue the eye rolls.

Now that Johnson can’t entertain us by inhaling milk and cold cuts and threatening other men with physical violence on the show (OK, that wasn’t actually funny), he’s taken to Twitter to offer his never-tactful commentary on the shenanigans (or complete lack thereof) as Fletcher’s season slowly, painfully plays out. His target this week? Robby Hayes, who just made it into the final two, because somebody has to be runner-up to Rodgers.

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“If I have to watch @RobbyHHayes pretend to like women for one more second on #TheBachelorette, I’m gonna blow my head off. #TheBitchelorette,” Johnson tweeted during the episode, which aired Monday.

Hayes, to his credit, replied with the perfect zinger. “Been waiting for you to do that #MrIrrelevant,” he wrote back at Johnson.

This isn’t the first time Johnson and Hayes have fought it out outside of The Bachelorette. Johnson caused social media waves last month when he posted a photo of himself macking on Hayes’ ex-girlfriend, whom Hayes was rumored to have broken up with just to go on the show. The fact that Chad Bear isn’t even still on The Bachelorette and is still the most exciting part of the season only has us more pumped for this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise, where he’ll return alongside his Bachelorette nemesis, Evan Bass. Considering how boring Fletcher has turned out to be, it can’t come soon enough.

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