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Kelly Dodd is a way better RHOC villain than Brooks Ayers

Move over, Brooks Ayers — there’s a new Real Housewives of Orange County villain in town, and she means business!

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Kelly Dodd actually seemed like something of a sympathetic character when she joined the show. After all, she gave Vicki Gunvalson a chance earlier this season, when she was the ultimate outcast. Sure, Gunvalson brought it on herself, but it was still nice to see somebody show a little empathy.

Kelly Dodd
Image: Bravo

Dodd’s tune has changed considerably since she joined the show, and now, her mission doesn’t seem to be befriending the friendless, but rather, doing whatever she can to irritate and anger the other Housewives.

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My image of Dodd first began to crack last week during her long, unnecessary tirade about the problem with millennials. She came across as holier than thou during this diatribe, but even then, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. That all changed this evening, when Dodd did her best to stir up drama at Shannon Beador’s ’70s party.

Shannon Beador
Image: Bravo

As much as I find Dodd annoying, there is an element of “love to hate” about her. She’s obnoxious at times, but in a slightly endearing way. With Brooks Ayers out of the way, somebody needs to take on the role of villain, and it might as well be Dodd. I have to say, given the choice between Ayers and Dodd, I’ll take Dodd in a heartbeat. She may be irritating, but at least she’s interesting! Or, at least, she is when she’s downing the drinks with Gunvalson like there’s no tomorrow.

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To be fair, Dodd is not alone in her drama instigating. Beador’s friends Nina and Jaci also seemed eager to rile everybody up. However, Dodd was quick to sink to their level, even going so far as to give a very insulting assessment of their appearance. The worst, however, was when Dodd yelled, “No wonder you cheated on your wife!” at David Beador.

RHOC has been a bit stale thus far this season, but I think Kelly Dodd is about to change that. So, while I find her very irritating, I’m willing to put up with her, all for the sake of juicy Housewives drama.

Do you think Kelly Dodd is RHOC‘s new villain? Comment and share your opinion below.

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