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Cynthia Bailey pays tribute to her wedding day, just not the man she married

What Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are doing with coparenting, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas are doing for divorce. Even though the couple is currently separated, both paid tribute to their wedding anniversary yesterday on Instagram.

Granted, both of them posted images of themselves, but they spoke lovingly about the day they married each other and what the day means to them still.

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Bailey wrote “We were friends first” in her caption, followed by multiple hashtags including #beautifulmemories, #noregrets and #thenextchapter. She’s clearly still ready to move on from the marriage, but those feelings aren’t going to ruin the good part of what she had with Thomas.

For his part, Thomas wrote, “July 24 is a day that will forever be a part of me,” along with the hashtag #BetterOffFriends in his Instagram post from their wedding day. His post was also a solo image of himself on their wedding day.

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They both sent the message that they love each other, but not as much as they love themselves, which I suppose is actually a really healthy way to look at their marriage. There is no use staying in a marriage that isn’t healthy for one or both of the people involved. If they really are better off friends, then separating isn’t selfish — it’s the best thing to do.

It’s just completely out of the ordinary to see two people being completely loving and respectful of both their past and their marriage while knowing that they should not be together at all.

It’s probably not possible for this to be the new normal for divorcing couples, but it is a good reminder to everyone that it is possible to go through something as traumatic as a divorce and keep the dirty laundry off social media.

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