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Should someone intervene with Leah Messer’s recent weight loss?

Is Leah Messer OK?

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Just to be clear, we want nothing to do with body shaming. But Messer posted a new photo on Instagram showing her posing poolside in a bikini, and some fans are pointing out that she’s looking a lot thinner than she ever has before. And if that’s just what Messer’s body is doing these days, then power to her, but any sort of rapid, noticeable weight loss can be cause for concern, so we think those fans are right to be a little worried.
Messer posted the photo on Sunday with the caption, “What would I do without my boos!? #sisters #cousins #Family #Pool #Summer2016,” and a heart emoji. In it, she’s smiling next to the pool with a couple family members, wearing a pink bikini that shows how stark and pronounced her ribs and sternum have become.

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It didn’t take fans long to notice Messer’s weight loss, because, well, it’s pretty noticeable.

“She has always been skinny, but not THIS skinny. Maybe she just can’t put the lbs on?!?!” one commenter wrote. Another added, “Omg you look sick.”

Others came to Messer’s defense to remind commenters that the MTV star has always been petite.

“Leahs [sic] body is just built this way. She has a tiny form and She was this way even before she had the twins,” one Instagram user wrote.

Regardless of whether Messer’s weight loss is healthy, it’s important for commenters to note that there’s a difference between body shaming and concern for the star, and any noticeable, quick change in Messer’s weight could be cause for concern.

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