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Gwen Stefani’s son is clearly a huge fan of Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton received the ultimate blessing from Gwen Stefani’s son, Kingston Rossdale, this weekend. Rossdale took over Stefani’s Snapchat and posted a bunch of silly videos a normal 10-year-old would post. And then he posted his own cover of “God Gave Me You” — one of Shelton’s biggest singles.

Awkwardly, he recorded the single because it reminded him of everything he felt toward his then-wife, Miranda Lambert. But no need to blame innocent Rossdale for that.

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More adorable than just singing the song, Rossdale did a face swap with Shelton so he could look cool and sound like him while he was singing his cover. He even included a fake Southern accent for part of the clip. It was all very cute.

Blending families together, especially as quickly as Stefani and Shelton have seemed to, can be an impossible task. The kids are still close with their father and Shelton has to walk a very thin line between showing interest in the kids’ lives and not trying to be a dad to them.

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It looks like he’s doing a great job. Rossdale wouldn’t be joking on Snapchat about Shelton unless he felt comfortable enough with their bond. He was smiling as he made the entire video, a sure sign that he enjoys having Shelton in his life and is happy for his mom.

In May, the couple even made their red carpet debut with all of Stefani’s children, which is as official as you can get with any relationship in the celebrity world. Although they didn’t take pictures together as a group, they were all there to support Shelton’s role in the Angry Birds Movie — something no child would do if they had no interest in a relationship with his mom’s boyfriend, regardless of the free movie ticket.

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Stefani’s other children, Zuma and Apollo, are both younger than Kingston, so bonding with them will be even easier for Shelton. Whatever they did to create a new normal for their family, Stefani and Shelton obviously did it with a lot of care and a lot of love.

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