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Of course Prince George is spoiled; he’s a prince

Kate Middleton and Prince William stepped out together to be part of the America’s Cup World Series racing event in Scotland. The couple were there to support sailing, one of their favorite shared hobbies, and meet and congratulate the winners of the event.

While they were talking with the winner, Zak Kay, he asked what Prince George received for his third birthday. Normal people are curious about what the royals get for their birthdays, even if they’re toddlers. But Prince William was not giving up any details. He said, “What did he get for his birthday? I’m not telling. He got too many things. He’s far too spoilt. He’s not into boats yet.”

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Hearing Prince William act modest about the amount of presents Prince George received for his birthday is both charming and confusing.

On the one hand, it shows that he doesn’t have the gigantic ego you might expect from someone who has been called the hottest prince since the late ’90s. He’s royalty, and he still gets somewhat embarrassed by the amount of attention that brings.

Even if he wasn’t being genuine, the fact that he knows enough not to talk about it shows that he’s a smart, well-meaning prince and father.

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But it’s also confusing because, of course, we know Prince George is spoiled. He’s a prince. Every toddler is spoiled when they’re that young and adorable. Add to that the fact that George is an actual prince, and everyone just assumes he gets truckloads of super-expensive toys.

Prince William’s modesty is sort of useless. Now we’re all left to our imaginations. I’m just going to assume that everything Prince Gorge got was gold-plated and encrusted with diamonds.

Middleton did her best to avoid the topic altogether, but instead of sheepishly admitting to her son’s mounds of gifts, she talked about something more important to her and to everyone — mental health.

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Tiyah Windslade, another young sailor at the event, said that Middleton “spoke a lot about mental health and how we need to stop people from feeling ashamed about themselves and come out and be very open about their mental health. And she said that we are the voice reaching out to people because we are working with them on the ground.”

And, really, what would you rather hear come from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — a list of toys, or how they’re working to better our world?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: Anwar Hussein Collection/ROTA/Getty Images

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