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Welp, Nathan Fillion just made Castle fans dislike him even more

All the rumors about why the beloved ABC series Castle ended have not done great things for Nathan Fillion’s public image — and his recent appearance at San Diego Comic-Con certainly didn’t help things.

On paper, Fillion’s reaction to Castle coming to a close seems genuine.

“[I’ve worked] with amazing people that I love so very, very much… [and] I’ll miss them dearly,” he said in an interview with TVLine during the SDCC festivities. “But it’s been eight years since I haven’t had a plan,” he added, noting that he normally would be going straight back to work to shoot Castle after the end of Comic-Con.

Seems like a proper answer to being asked about your long-running show being canceled, right? Well, it comes across a bit differently if you actually watch him talk about Castle, and some fans aren’t taking to kindly to Fillion’s flippant attitude about the show ending.

“im [sic] so happy we cancelled the show haha this ass doesn’t deserve it,” wrote one YouTube commenter, while another echoed, “Not funny just stupid answers.”

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“I noticed that he did not mention one single cast member by name, even though he had spent 8 seasons working with them. It’s all about me, me, me,” wrote a fan on a TVLine thread.

The real punch in the face seems to be that Fillion can’t seem to think of one single favorite moment from the entire series that so many fans have invested eight seasons in, even though the TVLine reporter had emailed Fillion the question beforehand.

“My favorite memory was, do you remember the time you came to set?” Fillion asked the TVLine reporter.

“I never came to set,” the reporter replied.

“Damn it. Do you remember the time we… uh… The one where we solved the murder and it was super funny, but it had a little element of drama in it. That was my favorite,” Fillion said, in a super-sarcastic tone.

If Fillion was attempting to simultaneously disrespect the reporter and Castle fans, he nailed it.

“Nathan Fillion has never liked Castle. It is so clear,” someone wrote on TVLine. “He has only cared about Firefly, disrespecting Castle crew and fans. He doesn’t have a favorite memory of the show even after 8 seasons. Now, if you ask him for a favorite Firesh*t [sic] moment, he probably has tons,” the fan continued, referencing Firefly, a show that Fillion was in and that has a cult following despite ending in 2003 after one season.

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Stana Katic fans were already pretty pissed at Fillion due to rumors that an on-set beef between the two actors caused Katic to be fired from the show before it was canceled. This Comic-Con interview kinda just put the nail in Fillion’s coffin.

What do you think? Is Nathan Fillion being disrespectful to fans in the way he talks about Castle now?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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