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Teresa Giudice dropped a major bombshell about Joe during RHONJ

One glance at Teresa Giudice’s Instagram and you’ll know she dotes on her daughters. In fact, it may even be fair to say that they are her whole life. So, being away from them when she served time in prison for fraud must have been particularly difficult. But it wasn’t just being behind bars that took a toll on her parenting — as Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey clearly showed us.

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On the show, Giudice speaks about her prison sentence and her probationary prison release, which meant that even though she was home she wasn’t able to parent the way she wanted to. “You always need to get permission to leave the house when you’re on home confinement,” Giudice said on the show, People reports.

“I can’t walk the girls to the school bus,” she said. “I’m still being monitored, and I’m still wearing an ankle bracelet. It’s hard to be monitored all the time.”

Giudice also gave viewers a glimpse into her post-prison life and feelings, as she explained she was “tired” and that everything had been a “whirlwind” as she once again took on the role of being a parent — cooking meals, doing homework, helping her daughters get ready for school — and while Joe tried when she was away (for 15 months) Giudice admits that “he’s not me.”

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But perhaps the most significant change since returning from prison is Giudice’s approach to her marriage, and her marital responsibilities (which will now include handling the family bills).

“Joe and I have a very old school marriage,” she explained. “Once I married Joe, he took care of everything — all finances. I really didn’t pay attention to anything. But I did get in a little trouble for that ….” Actually, as she later clarified, Giudice got into a “lot of trouble” and this was something that she clearly resented Joe for at the time.

“After my sentencing, I was angry,” she admitted. “I think any other woman probably would have left him. Now I’m standing on top of anything that has my name on it.” Later adding, “Before my John Hancock goes on anything else ever again, it’s going to be right or I’m not doing it.”

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Good for you, Teresa Giudice. We’re glad to see that you’re taking control of your finances and getting your priorities in order. Are you impressed with the way Giudice’s approach has changed? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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