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Bridgette Dunning needs to learn to stand up for herself on Big Brother

Bridgette Dunning is the most frustrating player in the Big Brother house at the moment — not because she’s conniving or offensive or an airhead but because she won’t think for herself. She has won multiple competitions and proven she’s a huge force in the house, yet she won’t make a single decision without Frank Eudy.

On tonight’s episode, the frustration she causes reached an all-time high. Bridgette was one of the last three players in competition for HoH. They had been competing for over six hours, and the only way anyone was going to get to quit is if they all struck a deal.

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It came down to Da’Vonne Rogers and Bridgette agreeing to quit at the same time in order to give James Huling HoH. Da’Vonne had no problem speaking directly to Bridgette to strike up a deal, but Bridgette would look over to Frank for confirmation and instructions after every sentence.

Bridgette was oblivious to the fact that she was one of the final three competitors, not Frank. She was winning. Frank had no actual power, except that she gave all hers to him.

Obviously, making friends and alliances in the house is critical to any player’s success. The other part is talent and winning competitions. Bridgette has both of those. She has won HoH, she has her own alliances with other girls in the house, but now she’s up for eviction because she didn’t believe in herself.

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She won’t do anything on her own. She has no opinion that Frank hasn’t fed her, and it’s awful watching her not believe in her own power and strength. Not only has she kept herself as a pawn in the house, but she’s also aligned herself with someone who the entire house hates.

This game could have gone so much differently. Bridgette could have been in complete power without any enemies if she’d just stood up for herself and recognized that she’s actually a badass.

The best outcome for this next week is Frank getting evicted, forcing Bridgette to stand on her own and realize she can win this entire competition all on her own. In fact, it’s probably going to be easier for her without Frank weighing her down and stifling her shine.

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