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Chrissy Teigen’s ‘clean eating’ posts piss off everyone on Twitter

Supermodel, talk show host and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen never claimed to be a nutritionist — but when she talks about food, everyone seems to listen. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t deprive herself of tasty treats and still gets to look svelte. Perhaps folks just want to feel that if they have to suffer for a trim waist, damn it, so should Teigen.

But the new mama doesn’t play that game. When Teigen took to Twitter to ask her followers what they think the theme of her next cookbook should be, some demanded to know why she won’t just come out with the “diet” book of their dreams. Her response was healthy and refreshing, but because she’s Chrissy Teigen, it was met with the kind of criticism we don’t even reserve for political figures.

So, here’s her reason for not wanting to write a diet cookbook:

So far, so good. But then Teigen explained a bit more about what she considers “clean eating”:

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So, the next thing that happened was that Teigen got a bit of a schooling on what “clean eating” is and isn’t — those who take the term seriously apply it when speaking about whole, real foods like vegetables, fruit, whole grains and plant and animal-based proteins, nuts and seeds. But they’re also using “clean” to refer to foods that are not packaged and are minimally processed. Forklift Nutrition tweeted the following to Teigen: “‘Clean’ doesn’t = healthy. Clean eating is a myth. No scientific support or objective definition.”

That’s when Teigen made it clear that she isn’t applying a scientific definition:

With that out of the way, she continued to express her frustration with the Twitter police:

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And then, because she’s awesome, she went on to provoke the trolls by insisting that potato chips can totally fall into the “clean eating” category if she says they do.

Oh, and for good measure, she even covered her tracks by giving Velveeta some love — because, I guess there are a lot of intense Velveeta fans just waiting to slam anyone who dares speak ill of their beloved not-quite-cheese:

The only thing Teigen can be accused of is wanting to make her followers happy by taking their needs into consideration before releasing another cookbook. She loves food and makes no bones about it, which is refreshing, especially for a swimsuit model who makes a living from being in shape. Give Teigen a break and either join in on her fun, potato chip-filled ride or stop following her on social media.

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