Lizzy Caplan nabbed herself a fiancé and he’s quite a dapper bloke

Lizzy Caplan followed the lead of her Mean Girls BFF Daniel Franzese and spent this week getting engaged. Tom Riley, Caplan’s boyfriend of less than a year, popped the question in May, but it wasn’t until now that they announced their engagement.

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Caplan and Riley met in London while she was filming back in January 2015, but they didn’t come out as a couple until a year later. Though they certainly love being a private couple, Caplan was spotted shopping on Friday with a huge ring on her finger. Her rep confirmed to E! News that the couple is engaged and getting ready for a wedding.

The fact that she said yes to fellow actor Riley is a big step for Caplan. She’s been on record as being against actresses and actors getting married and starting a family. Back in 2014, she told Elle Canada, “If there are two working actors and both of them get a job and they have a baby, the woman is going to stay with the baby. I see it all the time. It just seems very unfair.”

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With Caplan starring in the very popular show Masters of Sex right now, her career is just getting started. She’s got decades of talent left to share with all of us. It definitely isn’t a good idea for her to start a family with someone who doesn’t agree that it’s unfair to always expect the woman to stay home with the baby.

That could mean either that the couple isn’t interested in having children together or that Riley is one of those incredible men who believe in the equality of women. Let’s assume that it’s the latter, just because that would make him infinitely more attractive.

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There have been a lot of summer engagements this year, and Caplan making the list makes the Mean Girls fan in all of us very excited for her. Congratulations to the happy couple!


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