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Obviously Big Brother‘s Jozea Flores is going to win the Battle Back spot

There’s a reason people get called underdogs — even if they want to win, they just don’t have something that the other competitors do. Big Brother’s Tiffany Rousso felt the effects of that tonight. She just couldn’t quite match the strategy that Da’Vonne Rogers has. Rogers’ ability to play the game well and make semi-solid friends in the house all helped in the unanimous vote to send Rousso home.

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But the biggest news of the night is that Rousso rounds out the first five evicted housemates, and now we will see the Battle Back competition. If Rogers didn’t have anything to worry about before, she has a lot to worry about now. Not only does she still have a target on her back from Frank Eudy, but Jozea Flores, the player she turned against the second week, is determined to have his revenge.

Flores thought that Rogers was on his side, so when he was voted off, he was hurt and angry at Rogers. He told host Julie Chen that his number one concern if he were to make it back to the house is to single her out for stabbing him in the back, essentially.

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I believe that he’ll make it back, and that he will be a threat to Rogers, but I don’t know if I fully believe he’ll be able to get her evicted.

Rogers has proven she can handle her own against Flores so there is no reason for her to be too terribly scared by his potential return. But with the dynamic in the house changing from teams to a free for all, you never know. Things are just now getting good in the house.

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What I do know is that while Flores was in the house, his ego got the best of him. He was completely unaware of people’s disloyalty to him. And if he returns to the house, I see his blind revenge goals coming back to bite him too.

Let’s just hope he’s done calling himself grandiose names like the Messiah.

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