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Norman Reedus might be a walking deadman after his prank on Andrew Lincoln

The Walking Dead is such a heavy show that it’s no wonder the cast members need a little laughter to distract them. Unfortunately for Andrew Lincoln, the laughter came at his expense on Thursday, when his co-star, Norman Reedus, glitter bombed him in the funniest way.

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Reedus filled the air vents of Lincoln’s car with a ton of glitter and then filmed Lincoln as he got in his car to go home for the day. In the video of the prank, you can see how sweltering the heat is. Lincoln needs his AC to get home without dehydrating in the Atlanta summer. Reedus didn’t stop him from using his AC, he just made it a little messier to do so.

While Lincoln does not look amused in the slightest to have his car glitter bombed, Reedus is laughing the entire time, tickled that his planned worked and he was able to get it on camera. Even after about 10 seconds of the floating glitter, you can hear Lincoln say, “It’s still going, dude,” which just makes Reedus laugh more.

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Lincoln did not crack a single smile the whole video, but it wasn’t out of anger, more out of annoyance that he didn’t come up with this brilliant prank first, we assume.

It’s always fun to see a good harmless prank between co-workers, even more so when they are characters of your favorite TV show. We all want to believe they are having as much fun making the show as we are watching it. This video is all the evidence we need to know that this is true of The Walking Dead set.

Although, we would like to take this time to caution Reedus in the coming weeks. Something tells me that Lincoln isn’t going to let this go without a little retaliation of his own. Especially since he’s going to be finding that glitter in his car for months.

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