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JoJo Fletcher sends one man packing during the fantasy suite — who will it be?

Let the constant stream of tears begin and seemingly never end on The Bachelorette.

Poor JoJo Fletcher is in for a depressing ride for the remainder of her time on the show, if the latest promos are any indication.

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Warning: Potential Bachelorette spoilers and speculation below. Do not continue reading unless you want to know the details of the drama that’s going down in the fantasy suite on next week’s episode.

Of course, hopefully it’s all worth it, and she ends up with a great guy and a ring on her finger, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, she has to get through the fantasy suite dates. Now, normally this wouldn’t seem like a chore. Sleeping with three hot guys in one week and having it be totally legit? Well, OK then.

But JoJo is an honorable gal, which I love. And in being honorable, she’s going to send one guy packing before the sexy time begins. According to Us Weekly, it’s an encounter that will leave JoJo in tears. Like big tears. Like airplane pacing-worthy tears.

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JoJo initially invited this mystery man into the fantasy suite but became conflicted while sipping some wine.

“JoJo excused herself to collect her thoughts,” Us Weekly‘s source explained. She then returned and “told him her feelings are not in the same place and spending the night wouldn’t change that.”

The source continued that the jilted suitor became enraged at JoJo’s rejection and had it out with her rather than leaving with dignity.

“He told JoJo he is crushed and accused her of telling him to ‘get the fuck out,'” the source said. “JoJo was sobbing. It was very emotional.”

So which guy will not take JoJo’s rejection well? I’m guessing Chace. If you read my recap from the last episode, then you know I’m betting Luke gets sent home after hometown dates. That leave Chace, Robbie and Jordan left for the fantasy suite dates.

I was shocked upon hearing that she lets Luke go after the hometown dates. I thought for sure she’d get rid of Chace, which means I think he’ll be gone this next episode.

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Whichever guy it is, if he has such a temper that he makes JoJo cry those big fat tears, then good riddance to him.

Who do you think JoJo Fletcher will send home in tears on the next episode of The Bachelorette?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

The Bachelorette Season 12 slideshow
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