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There’s still hope Da’Vonne Rogers can avoid a Big Brother elimination

Da’Vonne Rogers is making this a little too close for comfort in the Big Brother house. She promised these grand plans for getting Frank Eudy evicted from the house, but it seems like her plan is backfiring. On tonight’s episode, after Corey Brooks used the power of veto on himself, Rogers was voted to take his spot.

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It’s terrifying that she might get sent home because she’s the only one who truly wants to do something to get Eudy out of the house. That’s going to be next to impossible if she gets evicted. The one advantage that she has over the other two on the chopping block is her veteran status.

Because she’s been on Big Brother before, Rogers knows exactly what it takes to hustle her way out of eviction. She knows how to promise people what they want so she doesn’t get their vote. Her standing in the house alliances is pretty strong, but it’ll be her hustle up against Eudy’s. I don’t totally love those odds because Eudy has proven that he’s a snake who will get whatever he wants done.

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I will admit that it does make the show a lot more interesting to watch two vets go up against each other in strategy. The rookies are great, and it’s fun to watch them try to make a name for themselves in the house, but watching two veteran players try to out-strategize each other is one of the best things about this season.

I will definitely be singing a different tune if Eudy wins and Rogers gets evicted. If that happens, I’ll just be furious and call his strategy manipulation. But I’m telling you that now so you can’t hold it against me tomorrow.

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I don’t doubt Rogers’ ability to hustle and get what she wants, though. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy watching.

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