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Tony Goldwyn’s wild ride on Full Frontal actually made the RNC fun

Tony Goldwyn, aka one of the most controversial and sexy presidents in television history, was a special guest on Wednesday night’s special Full Frontal episode. The special found Samantha Bee and her team on Herman Cain’s old campaign bus, making their way from New York City to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Considering Full Frontal is a political talk show, you’d think Goldwyn would appear as a version of his infamous Scandal character, President Fitzgerald Grant. Instead, Goldwyn appeared briefly in the special as the Full Frontal bus driver — the very sexy Full Frontal bus driver.

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Most of the Full Frontal special focused on how Republicans off the street felt about throwing their support behind Donald Trump, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t spending every minute waiting for another glimpse at bus driver Fitz. And I wasn’t the only one. Full Frontal viewers agreed that Goldwyn’s cameo was by far one of the most exciting and inspired touches in the special.

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The Republican National Convention might be a hectic place, but it would definitely be worth going to if Goldwyn was your driver. Of course, he wasn’t just there to drive the bus. When Bee started losing hope on her journey, he gave her a Shonda Rhimes-worthy pep talk, complete with full enunciations and a very impressive lean: “The Samantha Bee I know eviscerates, she slays, she destroys, she murders. She doesn’t cower. She doesn’t ask for the power, she takes the power.”

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It’s not every day a woman gets a pep talk from a fake president, and Bee wasn’t the only one inspired — I know I was. With that speech, Goldwyn’s appearance on Full Frontal was almost as sexy as Fitz’s Scandal Oval Office scenes with Olivia Pope — almost.

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