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American Gothic‘s Cam isn’t SBK, but one of his family members probably is

It’s official: one of the Hawthornes is the Silver Bells Killer. Wednesday’s American Gothic just confirmed that the prestigious Boston family is indeed linked to SBK. So, who is it?

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The serial killer’s identity remains a mystery, but one Hawthorne family member has been cleared. Remember how Cam seemed like the prime suspect due to the fact that he owned the same belt used by SBK? Tessa gave Brady permission to test a needle with Cam’s DNA on it, and the results showed that Cam’s blood was not a match to the blood on the belt.

What does that mean? First and most importantly, Cam doesn’t appear to be SBK. Unfortunately, the blood did have a familial match, meaning someone else in the family is SBK — or so it seems. There’s always a chance that the blood was planted, SBK is framing one of the Hawthorne’s, Cam’s belt somehow ended up in the hands of SBK with another Hawthorne’s blood on it or a thousand other explanations.

However, for now, the police are connecting one of the Hawthornes (minus Cam) to the killings of SBK. Obviously, they all have a lot of skeletons in their closets, so a Hawthorne could very well be SBK. I mean, there’s a reason Madeleine silenced her husband by killing him in the first episode.

Tessa and Madeleine Hawthorne
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Furthermore, Garrett knows something that he’s not telling. Finally, there’s that ominous “body” Cam mentioned during his therapy sessions when he was younger. Actually, Wednesday’s episode showcased Cam experiencing hallucinations while going through withdrawal, and he saw a lot of strange things. Mainly, that body popped up.

His so-called hallucinations featured a male body being dragged down the Hawthorne’s staircase by another male. On the way down, the supposedly dead body also knocked out one of the stair’s spindles. At first, Cam thought it was all in his head — thanks to the drugs. Garrett also convinced Cam none of it is real. Hmm… Garrett, are you trying to protect your brother from the truth or are you perhaps SBK?

Anyway, at the end of the episode, Cam discovered that the spindle on the staircase was painted over, which means his hallucinations probably weren’t hallucinations at all. Either he once saw SBK in action, or his family is responsible for the death of another person, who they may very well have literally buried.

Since Cam is in the clear (for now), which Hawthorne do you think might be SBK?

American Gothic airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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