Suits’ Mike & Harvey have never been more vulnerable than they are right now

Things just continue to go from worse to so much worse on Suits. Harvey and Mike have both faced rough times before, but it’s nothing quite like what they’re dealing with in Season 6.

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Let’s start with Mike and his horrible situation behind bars. It appears that Mike has finally realized what he needs to do to survive in prison. Really, he needs a reality check. I mean, I think Mike has come to terms with the fact that he can’t trust most of his fellow inmates (minus maybe his real cellmate) and some of the guards. Plus, I hope he learned his lesson about Frank and how Harvey’s archenemy is going to do whatever he can to mess with Mike’s head. He had better start facing the fact that prison is nothing like winning cases and lying your way out of predicaments.

Thankfully, Mike ended up taking Harvey’s advice by accepting a job from Julius at the prison. Hopefully, Mike working in the kitchen and being around others will protect him in a sense from Frank, not to mention, keep him out of trouble.

Mike had better learn how to deal in prison, because he’s not getting out anytime soon. Despite Harvey going to Sean Cahill to help him transfer Frank to another facility (who knows if that will really happen), Mike really needs to follow Julius’ advice, which is to “learn how to deal with the bullshit life throws your way without making it worse.”

You hear that, Mike? Stop making things worse and being so naive. Don’t get me wrong, I am of course rooting for Mike and I know he hasn’t been in prison for that long, but I feel like’s he not playing it smart in there. Obviously, Mike isn’t one to back down from a fight or to play it safe, but this is prison and his life he’s dealing with. I’m just scared something bad will happen to him.

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As for Harvey, well he may not be behind bars, but he’s dealing with all kinds of shit personally and professionally. When he isn’t blaming himself or feeling responsible for Mike’s current status, Harvey has a lot of pressure on himself to save Pearson Specter Litt. Ultimately, he knows hiring Mike is on him, which he is now trying to make up for by pulling out all the stops.

For example, remember Elliott Stemple from Season 3? He went to Harvard with Harvey and the two have always been at odds. Well, he returned to get back at Harvey in a hugely personal way. Harvey thought Elliott was trying to extort money from him, but that wasn’t the case. Elliott strolled into Harvey’s office and asked for the duck painting that’s been hanging on Harvey’s wall for years. He knew it meant something to Harvey, so what better way to stick it to him than by taking it?

Elliott ended up giving Harvey an ultimatum: Give him $20 million or the duck painting. If not, then Elliott will burn the firm to the ground. Harvey had no choice and handed over the painting, which is the last happy memory he had of his mother before she tore his family apart by cheating on his father.

It’s rare for Harvey to back down, hand anything over that belongs to him or lose in general. So, to see him defeated is hard to watch. He’s so vulnerable right now; who knows what he’ll encounter in future episodes.

Basically, Mike and Harvey need a hug right now.

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Suits airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA.

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