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Miranda Kerr got creative when it was time to announce her engagement

Miranda Kerr will support her man in any way she can. She showed that on Wednesday, by announcing her engagement through Snapchat. That’s right; Kerr is officially off the market after she said yes to Evan Spiegel, the co-founder/CEO of Snapchat.

Kerr, who was previously married to Orlando Bloom, shared a picture of her ring in black and white, along with a bitmoji version of the proposal first on Snapchat, but then posted it to all her social media profiles, proving that she and Spiegel are the most digitally savvy couple right now.

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The couple has only been dating a year, but sources told E! News that they have been comfortable and happy around each other from the beginning. Spiegel didn’t become a billion dollar CEO by hesitating or not knowing exactly what he wanted.

If you doubt Spiegel’s billion-dollar status, just take a look at Kerr’s ring. It’s a flawless (and huge) diamond that looks gorgeous on her hand.

Kerr and Spiegel have been pretty private about their relationship. They don’t mind hitting red carpets together, but they don’t tend to get very mushy on their social media, or anywhere else for that matter. But Kerr used enough heart-eyes emojis to make it clear that she is ecstatic.

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When we first heard about her announcing her engagement on Snapchat, it sounded pretty weird. It’s huge news and the post is going to disappear in 24 hours, you’d think she’d want it to last longer than that. But, it’s her way of supporting Spiegel and it’s sort of adorable when you think of it like that.

What I’m hoping to see is Kerr and Spiegel’s personalized Snapchat filter on the big day. I assume it’s going to be the only filter that will ever top the flower-crown filter. Do you think they’ll let everyone use it?

Either way, it’s pretty darn exciting we have another high-profile celebrity wedding to look out for!

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