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People still aren’t convinced Kim Kardashian wasn’t altered in Fergie’s video

Kim Kardashian can claim all she wants that her body wasn’t altered for Fergie’s “MILF$” music video — her haters don’t want to hear it.

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After immediate online backlash hit the ‘net after the video’s release claiming Kardashian was photoshopped in it, she’s now releasing behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot in an effort to silence her haters. Will it work? According to the comments sections so far, nope.

The pics were mostly released on Kardashian’s app, but she did post a few to Instagram, where nonbelievers headed straight for the comments to make their claims that Kardashian’s tiny waist and huge butt were altered.

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“And your butt and waist is supposed to be real. Smh,” one commenter wrote. Another added, “Looks sooooooooooo fake ur legs can’t be that shiny looks like a dolls legs common sense duh.”

B. Akerlund, the stylist for the video, told Billboard that Kardashian’s outfit was specially designed to accentuate her naturally small waist and bigger thighs and behind.

I knew from the moment we met that I wanted to play with her insanely amazing body to create an extreme character we had never seen from her before. I incorporated corsetry and latex to exaggerate her natural body shape,” Akerlund explained. “The idea was that everything was pumped up with an insanely skinny waist and super tall boots, which created a real-life Kim Barbie.”

Kardashian also addressed the styling on her website, writing, “Squeezing into this look was a full team effort; it took three people to get me into these latex shorts, which have a built-in corset! LOL.”

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