Famously Single's Calum Best doesn't have a short fuse, Brandi Glanville does

Jul 20, 2016 at 8:20 a.m. ET
Image: WENN

There’s something about a bad boy who actually cares that is irresistible. Calum Best is that guy so it makes sense that Brandi Glanville wants to keep him all to herself while they’re rooming together on Famously Single. What doesn’t make sense is how the therapist reprimanded him for Glanville’s bad behavior.

In tonight’s episode we see the fallout from Best saying he would go on a date with another girl who wasn’t Glanville. He thought he had to pick another woman because those were the rules of the exercise as they were explained to him. Glanville immediately got pissy with him and Best was as confused as all of us as to why he turned out the be the bad guy.

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That’s all normal stuff, especially for a reality show based on love and relationships. What wasn’t normal was when the therapist on the show accused Best of having a short fuse and being unable to communicate correctly.

If anyone didn’t communicate correctly, it was the therapist who didn’t make it clear to Best that he didn’t have to choose another girl to take on a date if he would have preferred Glanville.

It’s not so much that she was telling him that he needed to re-evaluate the way he reacts, because maybe that is a valid critique outside of this one incident. What was so maddening about the situation was that Glanville got off without having any of her behavior corrected, when she so clearly reacted out of emotion and insecurity.

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Best is not exclusively dating Glanville. She had no right to paint him as a terrible guy who uses women when he was genuinely trying to use the process to help him be better in love. But her ego was hurt so she acted out.

I get that it would be embarrassing for someone to pick a stranger over you in front of an entire group of people (not to mention the viewers at home), but that doesn’t excuse your behavior. It doesn’t mean that you can pass the blame onto someone else.

If anyone in this house is expected to get some actual help, they need to be congratulated when they do things right, and corrected when they overreact to something meaningless. So far, the signs aren’t pointing to success.

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