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Jane working for the FBI is just too obvious an ending for Rizzoli & Isles

As I said in last week’s Rizzoli & Isles recap, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to watch this show as we truck toward the series finale without assuming that literally everything is a clue as to how it will end. It turns out that my instinct to pry apart and scrutinize even the most innocuous of story lines is not entirely unhinged… maybe.

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This week, Jane went undercover in the Suffolk County Jail, prompting her friends and family to spend the entire episode being fearful for her safety/resentful of her risk-taking. I, of course, spent the length of the episode waiting for Jane to get murdered or at least seriously injured, which did not happen, and she ended up back home eating a delicious-looking cheese platter with Maura, contemplating her feelings that everyone is changing except for her — Maura’s writing a book, Frankie and Nina are in a serious relationship, and Korsak is retiring. After Maura left (cheese platter still intact), Jane called the dude from the FBI Academy, where she lectured last week, who apparently offered her a teaching job. She didn’t accept the job, but right before the closing credits, we learned that the position is still open and that Jane has questions.

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So, this is how it’s going to end, right? Jane will decide that putting her loved ones through the constant stress of her dangerous cop job isn’t worth it and she’ll take the teaching job. Since Maura’s into this writing thing, she’ll go with Jane? And everyone else will just… live their lives? It seems like a very nice, calm, not traumatic ending, but also really obvious. Did the writers just hand us the ending so we can now focus on how it will all unfold, instead of nervously obsessing that someone is going to die? Jane and Maura’s relationship is the engine of the show; it’s more important than whatever happens at the Boston PD, at least as far as I’m concerned, so it’s the thing that demands preserving, and the writers can do that by moving Jane to the FBI. A shocking and painful ending isn’t what Rizzoli & Isles deserves, so the FBI thing makes sense, but are we as viewers falling into a trap of believing that this is the one we’re getting? Is this a bait and switch situation? Are we in for something much more dramatic, or do we just need to be patient and trust the writers to reveal this particular ending to the show?

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Will Jane leave Boston for the FBI or is this too simple an ending? Tell us in the comments!

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